Unkept Secrets

Haifa Film Festival

Ornit and Genendi are two brave Jewish orthodox women who refuse to participate in the cover-up of pedophilia in their community. Both women find themselves paying a heavy price for "washing dirty laundry" in public and taking the story to the secular authority's .They are a part of change accruing these days in this issue within the Jewish orthodox community.

Director: Dalit Kimor

Producer: Dalit Kimor

Co Producer: Dalit Kimor Prod


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Production Company: Dalit Kimor Prod
Duration: 58 min. ,70 min.
Date of Release: 1/10/18
Country of Production: ישראל

Shooting Format: HD
Language: Hebrew, English
Subtitles: Hebrew, English, French
Unavailable Territories: Israel

Festivals & Awards

  • Haifa Film Festival 2018
    Honorable Mention

  • PriMed Documentary FF Marseille 2019
    First Prixe

Involved Broadcasters

yes Docu – DBS Satellite Service

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Current Affairs, Human Interest / Social Issues, Jewish Topics, Religion, Social Issues, Women Stories