The Ramadan Cannon Of Jerusalem

Rajae Sanduka struggles with the daily hardships of a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem during the Holy month of the Ramadan, upholding a 120-year-old family tradition of firing the Ramadan cannon. In order to confront his frustrations without risk, he puts on a satirical play at the only remaining Palestinian theatre in the city.


Producer: Nimrod Shanit


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Production Company: Blimey
Duration: 45 min. ,56 min.
Date of Release: May 2017
Country of Production: Israel, Palestine

Shooting Format: HD
Language: Hebrew, Arabic
Subtitles: English, Italian

Festivals & Awards

  • MyArt 2017
    Jury special mention

  • Solidarity 2017 Tel-Aviv

  • We the People

Involved Broadcasters

SRC Canada

World Sales



Family Story, Human Interest / Social Issues, Politics, Religion, Social Issues