Prisoner X

Jerusalem Film Festival

On December 15, 2010, a prisoner was found dead in his cell at one of Israel's maximum security prisons. The Prisoner had hung himself despite being under heavy surveillance 24/7. None of the prison’s guards knew his real name or his crime. They knew him only as Prisoner X.

Director: Hilla Medalia

Co Director: Amos Roberts


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Production Company: Medalia Productions, Sweetshop & Green
Duration: 100 min.
Date of Release: 10/2023
Country of Production: Israel, Australia
Series Runtime: 3*50 min.

Shooting Format: HD
Language: Hebrew, English
Subtitles: Hebrew, English
Production Budget: 830,390€
Money Still Required: 192,500€

Involved Broadcasters

Channel 8, Israel

Involved Institutions and Other Financiers

The New Fund for Cinema and TV, Kismet Films (AU), ABC, Film Victoria, Screen Australia, Post Lab IO (AU), Sweetshop & Green


Current Affairs, Human Interest / Social Issues