Murder at Cinema North


A young Holocaust survivor who descends into crime; an Italian-Jewish engineer who wants to see a movie; a German Christian who forgives her husband’s murderer because of her Buddhist faith; and a Jewish woman who carries on an affair with a Nazi and exposes members of the resistance so that she and her children may survive: their fates intersect when two bullets are fired into a queue of people waiting to see “A Man Escaped” at Tel Aviv’s Cinema North in 1957.

Director: Avida Livny

Producer: Shula Spiegel, Yaron London


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Duration: 75 min.
Date of Release: 9,2020
Country of Production: Israel

Shooting Format: HD
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English

Festivals & Awards

  • Docaviv, Israel, 2020
    Official Competition

  • Israfest Foundation (LA Israeli FF), USA, 2020

  • Philadelphia Israeli FF, USA, 2021

  • Montreal Israeli Film Festival, Canada, 2021

Involved Broadcasters

Kan - Israeli Public Broadcast Corporation

World Sales



Art / Music / Culture, Drama Documentary, History, Investigative, Newest Arrivals