Lebanon – Borders of Blood


As Lebanon today is on the verge of collapse, a look back into the country’s history explores how a small regional conflict developed into a major geopolitical crisis.

Lebanon - Borders of Blood is about how a series of disastrous decisions can shape the destiny of millions. With an impressive array of interviewees from all sides, the series uncovers new revelation on some of the key events: the breakout of the Lebanese Civil War, the Israeli invasion, Sabra and Shatila massacre, the bombing of the Marines compound, the assassinations of Lebanon’s presidents, the rise of Hezbollah, and until the widespread demonstrations in Lebanon today.

Director: Duki Dror

Producer: Reinhardt Beetz, Duki Dror, Liat Kamai Eshed

Co Producer: Gebrueder Beetz


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Production Company: Zygote Films
Duration: 90 min.
Other Duration: 5 x 50
Date of Release: 04/09/2020
Country of Production: Israel/Germany

Shooting Format: 4K
Language: Hebrew, Arabic, English, German, French
Subtitles: Hebrew, English

Festivals & Awards

  • Docaviv
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Involved Broadcasters

Kan - Israeli Public Broadcast Corporation, ARTE, WDR

Involved Institutions and Other Financiers

Makor Foundation for Israeli Films


Current Affairs, History, Newest Arrivals, Politics