Yael Bartana

Yael Bartana‭ (‬born Israel‭, ‬1970‭) ‬is an observer of the contemporary and a pre-enactor‭. ‬She employs art as a scalpel inside the mechanisms of power structures and navigates the fine and crackled line between the sociological and the imagination‭. ‬Over the past twenty years‭, ‬she has dealt with some of the dark dreams of the collective unconscious and reactivated the collective imagination‭, ‬dissected group identities and‭ (‬an‭-)‬aesthetic means of persuasion‭. ‬In her films‭, ‬installations‭, ‬photographs‭, ‬staged performances and public monuments Yael Bartana investigates subjects like national identity‭, ‬trauma‭, ‬and displacement‭, ‬often through ceremonies‭, ‬memorials‭, ‬public rituals and collective gatherings‭.‬

Her work has been exhibited worldwide‭, ‬and is represented in the collections of many museums‭, ‬including the Museum of Modern Art‭, ‬New York‭; ‬the Tate Modern‭, ‬London‭; ‬and the Centre Pompidou‭, ‬Paris‭. ‬She currently lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam‭. ‬

Selection of Solo Exhibitions‭: ‬Fondazione Modena Arti Visive‭ (‬2019/2020‭); ‬Philadelphia Museum of Art‭ (‬2018‭); ‬Stedelijk Museum‭, ‬Amsterdam‭ (‬2015‭); ‬Secession‭, ‬Vienna‭ (‬2012‭); ‬Tel Aviv Museum of Art‭ (‬2012‭); ‬Moderna Museet‭, ‬Malmö‭ (‬2010‭); ‬MoMA PS1‭, ‬NY‭ (‬2008‭). ‬Selection of Group Exhibitions‭: ‬São Paulo Biennial‭ (‬2014‭, ‬2010‭, ‬2006‭); ‬Berlin Biennial‭ (‬2012‭); ‬documenta 12‭ (‬2007‭); ‬Istanbul Biennial‭ (‬2005‭), ‬Manifesta 4‭ (‬2002‭). ‬She won the Artes Mundi 4‭ ‬Prize‭ (‬2010‭) ‬and the trilogy‭ ‬And Europe Will Be Stunned‭ ‬was ranked as the 9th most important art work of the 21th century by the Guardian newspaper‭ (‬2019‭). ‬