Uri Borreda

Film Writer, Director and Producer; Borreda produce and direct films since 1987. Since then he has directed and produced many documentary films, such as "Born to Fly", "Exodus - the true story", "The history of the land of Israel", and "Box for Life" (Israel 2017). His films have been shown in film festivals worldwide and won several awards. "Box for Life" won Best Feature Documentary in Ramsgate film festival UK 2019, and Best documentary feature theme award in Overcome film festival USA 2019.
2000 – 2019, independent Director / producer of Documentary Films.
1986 – 2000 Head producer of production company "Negev Communications", Produced and directed most of Negev Communications’ major films, including documentary films, television shows, previews, commercials, marketing and sales films, video clips.
Member of the: Israeli Directors Guild
Member of the: Israeli Academy of Film and Television.
Recent Documentary Films:
“Box for Life”, For IBA Channel 1, (Director, writer, producer)
"The History of the land of Israel", two episodes for channel1. (Director, writer, producer).
"Confession" – Mati Caspi, For IBA Israeli channel-1 (Producer)
"Exodus – The true story"(Exodus – 1947) Channel 1 Israel (Director, Writer)
"Born to Fly" The story of A Test Pilot Channel 1 Israel (Director, Writer)