Tsur Moshe

Create a member of the European Producers Association since 2002
1990-1995 Working at Gil Productions with director Haim Gil
1996 - 2016 - Director of Pyramedia, which owns a variety of fields in the world of television content
1996-2000 - Developed and produced many of his programs live on Channel 1
Produced and wrote 50 animated films for children of 5 minutes each video from 2000 to 2002
2000-2005 - produced in England formats that his company developed in the new media field:
Ely & Lilly", "Other Star", "30 Square", "Justice for All", "BBC Children in Need", "BBC Noel Touchtones", "Nickelodeon Off The Hook" Treasure Race, MTV Hit the Clip…
Produced and directed a series of docu-drama 'Marriage in Crisis'. Broadcasted by the Israel Broadcasting Authority
  In the process of producing a script that he wrote for a feature film