Rotem Zisman Cohen

Graduate of the Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio.
As a director, I wrote and directed Matat, a short film that was screened at various festivals including the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, the 2013 St. Louis Film Festival and Mumbai’s 2013 International Women’s Film Festival. In 2014, the film was nominated in the Best Foreign Film category at the NewFilmmakers Los Angeles festival. The second film I directed was Roots, a docu-drama centred around my own family. Roots was shown at Israel’s Haifa Film Festival, and at various women’s film festivals, worldwide.
As an actress, I appeared in multiple films including: Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi, Matana MiShamayim (A Godsend), The Loners, Valley of Strength, Our Father, and many more. On television, I appeared in the following series: Shvita (Strike), Miluim (Reserve Duty), Adama (Earth), Scarred, and others.
A seven-time Ophir Award nominee.
Married to Maurice Cohen. Mother to Hadassa.