Rotem Gross

Rotem Gross has been a director and editor at Channel 2 News and at "Uvda" (the leading investigative television magazine in Israel) for over 15 years. Among his documentary films are "The Return to Tuichi" (2017) which three decades later reconstructs the trek which very nearly cost the life of Yossi Ginsburg in the Tuici River in Bolivia, where he got lost and managed to survive for 3 weeks; "The Bond of Silence" (2015) in which Singer Aviv Geffen sets out to find out how the murder of Prime Minister affected the country, twenty years later; "A New World" (2015) in which Aviv Geffen sets out to get to know the new world in which his son is growing up; "Disconnected" (2014) which sets out to measure the influence of smartphones on children, and many more.