Ronit Kertsner

I am a documentary Filmmaker - director, producer, and editor.
Born in Jerusalem in 1956, I am married with two daughters. As the daughter of American parents, I am also a United States citizen.

After my military service I was admitted to the Cinema Department at Tel Aviv University. Upon completion I began work as a professional editor. I have edited dozens of documentary films over the years.

For the last 18 years, I directed and produced 7 documentaries

The Greek connection 2019- In production

REFUGEE Lullaby 2019 - Hans Breuer a Jewish wandering Shepard in Austria who dedicates his life to help refugees throughout Europe

"H . I . Jew Positive" 2013- 15 years in the life of 4 new Jews in Poland
Part of the official opening of the Jewish museum in Warsaw 2014

"Torn" 2011- The story of Jakob Weksler a Polish catholic priest and an observant Jew. First Prize for dialog and identity "Religion today film festival" Italy 2012. Over 100 film festivals worldwide

"Menachem and Fred" 2009 - The story of 2 brothers separated by the holocaust. "cinema for peace" award Berlin 2009. Commercial screenings in movie theaters in Germany, ARTE

"I the aforementioned infant" 2006 - A persona film about adoption
Haifa film festival 2006

"The Secret" 2002 - About the new Jews of Poland
Berlin Film Festival 2002( forum), first prize at the International Film Festival in Bordeaux 2003