Reinhardt Beetz

Beetz brothers film productions has produced more than 120 high-quality and feature-film documentaries for the international market and, according to the leading industry publication Realscreen, is one of the top 100 most important independent production companies worldwide. The company’s productions compete regularly at all international A-festivals and have won numerous respected awards – including three Grimme Awards, the Cinema for Peace Award, three British Independent Awards, the Prix Europa, the HotDocs Filmmakers Award, and the IDFA Special Jury Award. In 2013, the beetz brothers‘ co-production Open Heart was even nominated for an Academy Award®, and in 2014, the documentary The Wagner Files has been nominated for the International Emmy® Award for Best Arts Programming. Our co-production The Land of the Enlightened will have its world premiere at the Sundace Filmfestival 2016 in the competition.

Many of our films emerge in the course of international co-productions and aim at a broad audience. We regularly work with all national and international public broadcasters – the associates range from ARD, ZDF and ARTE to almost all European and North-American broadcasters such as BBC, the Smithsonian Channel and WNET. Documentary content in the fields of history, culture, and society establish the productions’ main focus. Thereby the spectrum ranges from cinema documentary features (Autumn Gold, Midsummer Night’s Tango), to documentaries (Blood in the Mobile, Nelson Mandela: the myth & me), drama-docs (The Medici’s Trail of Blood, Saving the Titanic) and Television series (The Culture Files, Make Love) to crossmedia formats (Supernerds, Falciani’s SwissLeaks, Vikings App & Game, Farewell, Comrades! Interactive, The Wagner Files) and the daily trend magazine EinsWeiter on ARD-EinsFestival.

Through our projects we aim to innovatively convey culture and reach a broad, international audience. Since 2007 we therefore complement our cinematic content with crossmedial formats such as web campaigns, apps for tablet PCs and smart phones, web documentaries, media events and books. In order to optimally reach our target audience we work together with an interdisciplinary team from the games, mobile and web sector. Particularly the award-winning, exceptionally comprehensive cross-media project Farewell Comrades! Interactive set new standards for the documentary market.

With our tri-medial project Make Love (TV, web, radio) we have produced a format that was outstandingly successful in all media: With the 5-part TV series we achieved a rate of more than 1.5 million viewers, for the website ( we counted more than 2.2 million visitors since its release.

The latest addition is the business segment fiction. Since 2012 the beetz brothers film productions develops and produces co-founded cinema and television fiction for the national and international market.