Rachel Elitzur

Rachel Elitzur is an ultra-Orthodox Jewish director, graduated from a 'Bais Yaakov' school for girls.
A graduate of The Maaleh School of Film and Television in screenwriting track.
Her debut film, Covered Up, was screened on the 2018 Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival and on Festivals around the world, it was nominated for Best Debut Film and Best Cinematography on The Israeli Documentary Film Forum Awards. The films in screened on YesDocu TV channel.
Her first short fiction film, The Youngest, participated in many festivals around the world and won various awards.
Rachel was the head of the ultra-Orthodox branch at Maaleh Schools for Girls from 2014 until 2020, and today she is a member on Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts in the field of cinema.
In addition, she is a graduate of Greenhouse Development Projects of The New Fund for Cinema and TV for feature film development and documentary film development, פרי עץ הדעת, and Wedding night (respectively). Wedding Night had also participated in The Intellectual Greenhouse for Filmmakers of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.
Rachel also graduated The Mandel Foundation Program for Leadership in Jewish Culture, and currently studies at Alma, Home for Hebrew Culture.