Osnat Saraga

OSNAT SARAGA, ANANEY’s SVP of development and productions, is one of Israel's most experienced and beloved TV & film producers. During her exquisite 25-year career Osnat has won over 13 Israeli Academy Awards. She is well known for her high-end outdoors/on location shoots as well as her over-the-top production value and sophisticated personal touch. Osnat founded Ananey’s production company “Nutz Productions” and has been spearheading its operations since its inception, putting Ananey on the map as an innovator and elevating the company’s reputation in the local and international scenes as the go-to quality content producer. Osnat is responsible for some of Israel’s most successful productions in all genres; from riveting documentaries to hilarious stand up specials, and most notably executive producing Ananey’s Greenhouse Academy for Netflix, Osnat is a fearless executive who is continually ahead of the game.