Nili Portugali

Practicing Architect; senior lecturer; researcher; published author; film director, 7th generation descendant of a family living in the holly 'Kabbalah' city of Tsefat .
The film is her third of Creative TRILOGY following the world-known buildings she designed & the published books she wrote.
Guest lecturer: MIT; Harvard; Oxford; Tsinghua;Exhibition: Venice Biennale; San Paolo Biennale; Barcelona Biennale
Graduated: AA School of Architecture LondonPostG: Architecture & Buddhism U.C Berkeley USA.
Her book: The Act of Creation and The Spirit of A Place: A Holistic-Phenomenological Approach to Architecture, listed book of the year by the R.I.B.A London. In Review: “HER QUIET REVOLUTION MAY BE THE ONE THAT PASSES THE ULTIMATE TEST OF TIME”