Michael Grynszpan

Michael Grynszpan is a French-Israeli filmmaker. Michael was born in Paris in 1970 and moved to Israel in 1994, where he studied Film and Television at Tel Aviv University. Michael began working as a reporter and TV journalist (JRI) in Israel for international television channels. In 2000, Michael founded NewVision Productions, a TV production company. He has since then directed several documentary movies, among them: - “The Forgotten Refugees” an award-winning documentary about the history of Jews from Arab Countries. The movie has been translated in to seven languages and screened all over the world. It has been broadcast twice on prime-time television on Israel's Channel 1 (Arutz1), as well as on PBS networks all over the USA, in South America and on the Russian Channel RTVi. Special screenings of “The Forgotten Refugees” also took place at the UN in Geneva and in NY and at the American Congress in Washington DC. - "Descendants of nazis: an infernal heritage", a 82 min documentary movie for France3, about children of nazis who decided to convert to Judaism and sometimes to live in Israel. Also broadcasted in Belgium, Italy, China, Israel and other countries. - "Toulouse entre rose et gris" a documentary for Arutz1 in Israel, about the situation of the Jewish community in Toulouse after the terror attack, how they cope with the situation.