Micah Smith

Director and Editor, Micah Smith
Smith is an award-winning narrative and documentary filmmaker whose films have been featured on Netflix, and have been screened at international film festivals, the UN, British Parliament, and US Congress. Smith graduated from the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

DOB: August 13, 1980


Pillow Talk (2018) — Director
Web-series composed of micro-narratives.
Accepted into 5 film festivals; Director’s Choice Award at the Austin Revolution Film Festival.
Perpetual Motion (2018) — Director
Short dance-art film featuring the Kamea Dance company.
Awarded Best Ensemble Production at St. Petersburg Int’l Film Festival; Official Selection San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Strangers (2017) — Director, Editor
15-minute experimental narrative film.
Features interwoven loves stories.

Faithkeepers (2017) — Director, Editor
Feature-length documentary about minority persecution in the Middle East
Included production in Northern Iraq, Israel, Egypt, and the US.

Honor Diaries (2014) — Director, Editor
Award winning feature-length documentary about women’s rights activists in Muslim communities around the world.
Official selection in more than 10 film festivals, including the Chicago International Film Festival