Maya Mcmanus Ronen

Graduated with distinction my BA in Tel Aviv University (TAU) in the Film & Television department. I specialized in Documentary film making (2005-2009)
As part of my studies I co-directed, photographed and edited a short documentary about street musicians in Israel called ‘You Can Dance’ (2008). The film was broadcast in the Israeli documentary channel (HOT8), participated in film festivals all over the world (such as the Jerusalem film festival and the Jewish San Francisco Film Festival). The film was chosen to be part of the best 10 films of TAU Film & TV department in the years 2007-2008.
During my studies I edited several documentary films of students and also a full length film about musicians in the Rubinstein International piano contest.
During my years of Film & TV studies I also studied social film making with special communities and I volunteered with Etyopian youth at risk, together we made films about their daily life. During these years I also lived in a communal urban group in Haifa, where we established a youth club for afternoon activities for teenagers at risk, there we created films about their personal stories in life.
"Moving on" is my first full length feature documentary (72 min).
Today I am a member of a unique and small community in the south Negev desert of Israel called Neot-Semadar.
Here I work in all kind of fields such as - Agriculture, Education, Film making and teaching cinema to the local children.