Guy Wasserman

Guy Wasserman is a director and cinematographer, living in Jaffa in a mixed neighborhood where jews and arabs are living together. His parents related to different origin from each other; His mother to Iraq and his father to Germany. When they met, they struggled to keep their relationship, after facing resistance from their families. At 8th grade Guy started to study film, and in the mandatory service, he served as a cinematographer. This role exposed him to the differences between the israeli population, which prominent in the military service. He graduated from “School of audio and visual art at Sapir college”. And his short fiction film “Fuad” won the cinematography and editing awards of “Cinema South Festival” in Israel, and participate in “Haifa Film Festival”. Today he works as a freelance cinematographer and editor at the Israeli public broadcasting corporation, and already took part in many short documentaries projects, which deals with the complexity of the Israeli population.
In his projects, he seeks to show the differences in our society, the generational gaps and the connection between them. Trying to expose those unheard voices from different communities.