Daniel Lazo

Daniel & Eran are a filmmaking duo and the founders of RobotGenius - a boutique video production studio working with brands such as Samsung, Facebook, Viber, Cybereason and more. They are directors, cinematographers, editors, writers, motion graphics and VFX artists. They opened their one stop shop studio in 2012, working across various mediums from corporate videos to music videos, films and even Augmented Reality. Their first short film Sight (2012), a futuristic story about Augmented Reality, got million of views and made a global impact especially in the AR industry. Between 2016-2018 they have worked for Meta, leading their creative team, creating futuristic AR concept videos and AR experiences. In 2017 their AR installation “Journey to the Center of the Natural Machine” was showcased at Sundance. Those two years working with Meta, gave them exclusive access behind the scenes, documenting pivotal moments in the company.