Amit Erell

My name is Amit Erell. I was born in 1995. All my life I have been involved in creation, writing, people. Soon I will finish my studies for a bachelor's degree in cinema at "Sapir College". I direct and produce short films. For 3 years I worked in the news, in docu articles for "The Magazine". I produced Israeli feature films. In the army I served as a producer in military bands and the IDF theater. I directed a short film "Remembering Marrakesh" in collaboration with Gesher Foundation, a documentation of five documentaries about the Jewish quarter in Marrakesh, Morocco. The film was on "Kan 11". My short film - "Jidati", won first place at the "South Film Festival", 2022. These days I'm an assistant director on a feature docu-film, and I'm working on my final film.


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