Adi Arbel

Adi Arbel is head of documentary and co-executive for drama programing at Endemol-Shine Israel. She has been a senior content editor, director and artistic advisor for documentary and feature projects since 1998. She specializes in identifying potential projects and working on building the initial idea and through release of the film. Arbel has served as artistic advisor and lecturer in all the film and television funds in Israel as well as the artistic director for Channel 8 for over a decade- Israel’s leading documentary TV channel. Arbel’s last series won at the Israeli Film Academy Awards and was shown in numerous international festivals.
A few recent projects Adi was involved in:Waltz with Bashir, Presenting Princess Shaw, Shadow of Truth- The Murder of Tahir Rada, The Law in These Parts, Mr. Gaga –Ohad Naharin
2013-2016: Artistic Director for Channel 8
2000-Today: Lecture and artistic advisor for the Israeli Film Fund, the Venture for Film and Television in Jerusalem, Rabinowitz Foundation, Makor Foundation, New Foundation for Cinema and Television, Co-Production Forum, etc.
2010-2013: Director of the TV series “Life as a Rumor- Autobiography of Assi Dayan”
2007-2009: Content Advisor for the Drama Department at HOT and
Director of Development in the Drama Department at Anat Asulin Productions
2000-2008: Director of Original Productions and Artistic Advisor for Channel 8