Copro 26 // User Guide

On the Home Page, select the Sign Up as Filmmaker option and enter your email and your password. Be sure to fill in the profile information fully in order to create an effective profile page, which will act as your “business card” for buyers and industry professionals around the world.

On the profile page each creator, producer, or distributor will be able to enter a biography, company information, and filmography details. The profile page will display all the submitted films designated to the specific profile and will allow buyers to contact the creator and/or sales representatives directly.

Each profile page can be edited at any time via “My Account” under the profile menu.

Once you create a new profile, you will be directed to your home page where you can upload films and edit your profile. In order to add a new film, click the Add a Film button and choose the appropriate program, then click Proceed to Payment. After inserting the payment information, you will be directed to the film upload page, where you’ll fill in the full film details.

1-2 Films – 399 NIS per film
3-5 Films – 299 NIS per film
6 Films or more – 199 NIS per film

All plans are annual and include a profile page and pages for each film, a quality and secure online screening platform, viewing statistics, and invitations to exclusive industry events during the CoPro Market.

In order to upload a film to the Docushuk site we need the following information in English.
• A short synopsis (up to 70 words)
• Film details: length, format, release  year,  etc…
• Team details: director, producer, co-producers, sales
• List of festivals
• Link to trailer on YouTube or Vimeo (without password protection)
• Film Image
• Screener

We strongly recommend that you proofread all your English texts and make sure they are clearly worded and appealing. Remember, our experienced buyers come from around the world and expect your texts to be on par with high-quality international standards.

It is important to fully fill in all film details in order to create an optimal public profile.  After filling the film information, click Submit Project Details and you’ll be directed to the film upload page. Drag the film to the relevant box or upload the file from your computer and wait for confirmation that the upload is complete. Be sure not to close the browser window while uploading the film or allow the computer to enter sleep mode until the upload is complete.  When you complete the upload, click Back to Homepage.

Your film is now pending the Dockushuk team’s approval; once approved, you will receive an email confirming your film was published.

In addition to a separate film page for each film, you will need:
• A YouTube/Vimeo link of the film trailer (not a password-protected one)
• An attractive, high-quality photo (not a poster, please) in wide format 16:9, 960 – 1920 pixel width
• A screener file (the full-length film) should be fully uploaded in the following format: mp4, H.264, resolution 1080, up to 4 GB.

Please note: all video materials must have English subtitles. Docushuk team will review the uploaded information and approve your film pages within 2 business days.

Representatives of television networks, festivals, and cultural and educational institutes from around the world will have access to the platform and can view the film pages and screeners. The films are protected and viewing is only open to approved industry professionals. See Privacy Policy.

Registered buyers can contact you directly through the website in order to receive additional information, or to promote a purchase of broadcasting rights, screening at a festival or any other event. The message will be sent directly to the email address connected to the specific film.

Docushuk users with a Filmmaker profile cannot contact buyers directly at this stage.

On your user homepage you have access to the film and trailer’s viewing statistics (number of views only) and the number of reach outs made for each film. In addition, your film list will display the upload date of the films and will notify you near the end of the film’s registration period, with a referral for renewal options.

Under your account settings (accessible through the top navigation bar dropdown menu – account area), you can change the user information and password, modify, edit, or delete films and re-enroll films that are about to expire.

Yes, you can make films unavailable or hidden for a period of time by clicking on the Eye icon (Hide) in the films list on your home page. When you want to reopen access to the film, click on the eye icon again. Please note that the days of a film’s annual subscription are counted whether the film is viewable or hidden.

When a film subscription is about to expire you will have the option to renew it for another year. Click Renew to purchase additional credits for use at the Docushuk platform or contact the CoPro Team in order to buy further credits.

For any additional questions, please contact the Docushuk team.

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