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Company Info

Company Name: 3Boxmedia International Sales

Type: TV Network

Company Description: 3Boxmedia International Sales distributes content to TV channels, internet platforms, inflight and online video rental outlets worldwide interested in developing their viewers' loyalty and surprising them every day. Our catalogue comprises high-quality documentaries and factual series, with agile narration that grasps the viewer not only with its form but also with the characters who populate it. The interest of our main clients focuses on curren

Recent Titles

  • Four Seasons in a Day
  • Minor Lives
  • El Palmar de Troya: The Great Lie
  • Superhumans
  • Wildlife's Rebirth in the Old Mine

Looking For

  • Arts & Culture
  • Human Interest
  • Geopolitics
  • History
  • Science & Knowledge
  • Investigation
  • Current Affairs
  • Nature
  • Education
  • Feature length
  • Series
  • One-offs
  • From 27 to 52’
  • More than 52’