Shiran Shmerling

Sales Agent

Company Info

Company Name: First Hand Films

Type: TV Network

Company Description: First Hand Films is an award-winning international sales company, a theatrical distributor in Switzerland’s four language regions and a producer based in Zürich. Run by Esther van Messel since 1998, FHF works with ambitious and accessible projects worldwide, combining intelligence, practical knowledge and experience. 

Recent Titles

  • A-ha The Movie
  • The River Between Us
  • The Story of Looking
  • The Negotiators - How To Make Peace
  • Up To G-Cup - Inside the First Lingerie Shop in Iraqi Kurdistan
  • A Guide to Gentrification
  • Freeports - The Beauty of Tax Free Storage

Looking For

  • Arts & Culture
  • Human Interest
  • Creative documentary
  • Geopolitics
  • History
  • Science & Knowledge
  • Investigation
  • Current Affairs
  • Nature
  • Education
  • Feature length
  • Series
  • One-offs
  • More than 52’