Muntsa Tarres

Commissioning Editor

Company Info

Company Name: TThe Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media (CCMA)

Type: TV Network

Company Description: The Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media (CCMA) was born on May 30, 1983, with the unanimous approval of all the political forces in the Parliament of a law that became one of the first laws approved by the Catalan chamber.

The requirement to which the media of the CCMA is subjected is evident both in the criteria for the fulfillment of its public service mission and in the inspiring principles and lines of action of the programming, established in law 11/2007 of October 11, 2007 .

Finally, the Style Book , approved by the Governing Council on July 28, 2010, includes the guidelines for the production and dissemination of audiovisual media content of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as the values ​​and principles of public service, commitment to the country, quality of content, and transparency and efficiency in management.

Mission and public service functions
The CCMA has the mission of offering all the citizens of Catalonia, in compliance with the Parliament's mandate, a quality public audiovisual service, committed to ethical and democratic principles and to the promotion of culture and the Catalan language. The production and dissemination of this service will be managed with efficiency criteria and seeking maximum acceptance by the public.

Thus, helping the consolidation and expansion of the language, culture, identity and international projection of Catalonia, reflecting the diversity of our current society, is one of the main objectives of the CCMA.

The CCMA must strengthen the presence of its media throughout the territory of the Catalan language area and must maintain promotional functions in different social and economic areas, with primary cooperation with the educational system. It must promote the development of the Catalan audiovisual industry, while encouraging audiovisual productions in Catalan. It must also boost the supply of content through new social media and new technologies, such as radio and digital television, the internet or mobile phones.

All these functions must be fulfilled by being a reference model of quality and innovation.