Marketa Stinglova

Commissioning Editor

Czech Republic
Company Info

Company Name: Czech Television

Type: TV Network

Company Description: Czech Television (CT) is the public service broadcaster in the Czech Republic. Currently, CT operates 7 Channels. CT1 - broadly targetted channel with drama and entertainment; CT2 - factual, documentaries and acquisition drama; CTart , CT :D - kids channel, CT24 - news channel, CT4 sports channel and a newly established during the pandemic CT3 with mostly archive, but also factual and lifestyle programmes.

Recent Titles

  • Brotherhood - winner of Pardo d´Oro at the Locarno Film Festival 2021
  • Francesco Montagner
  • Russia vs. Russia - Stephane Bentura
  • A War on Trial - Lucio Mollica

Looking For

  • Arts & Culture
  • Human Interest
  • Geopolitics
  • History
  • Investigation
  • Current Affairs
  • One-offs
  • From 27 to 52’
  • More than 52’